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What DD Services are Available for Adults?

  • Employment Training & Support
  • Recreation Opportunities
  • Developmental Services Day Support
  • Housing & Transportation Support
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Eligibility for Adult Services

Eligibility for adults is determined by completing either a COEDI or OEDI. Once eligibility is established, a person can request any of the services offered through the Service and Support Administration.

What Services Can I Get?

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Services and support are determined based on the needs of each person and the opportunities they want into the future.

A Service and Support Administrator (SSA) is assigned to each person as his or her main point of coordination for services. An SSA is your trouble shooter, problem solver and advocate.

Through an SSA, an adult with disabilities gains:

  • Job training, placement and support
  • Assistance with accessing benefits
  • Assistance with housing, transportation and other daily needs
  • Remote support through in-home assistive technologies
  • Recreational opportunities, such as Special Olympics
  • Help with coordinating providers and waiver services
  • Advocacy and more
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How do I apply for SSA services?

Contact the Service & Support Administration Department at 937-497-8155 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Every individual eligible, over 3 years of age, for Shelby County Board of DD Services can be assigned to an SSA, if you so choose. There is never a waiting list for SSA services.