Supportive Technology


Supportive technology allows adults living with developmental disabilities to live the life they want, with more independence and confidence. Supportive technology solutions include assistive technology equipment and remote support services.

Assistive technology includes hardware, equipment, software and product systems that can be used with or without remote support. Remote support is live two-way communication with a remote caregiver that utilizes assistive technology equipment or hardware.

Explore our assistive technology library below, which contains over 40 onsite supportive solutions to promote a higher quality of life for you or your loved one.

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Shelby County Tech Hub

The Shelby County Tech Hub represents a recent advancement within our supportive technology services initiative, dedicated to introducing cutting-edge technology to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This hub is furnished with state-of-the-art technology designed to showcase how they can be used to empower individuals to achieve greater independence while ensuring they receive the necessary support for comfortable living.

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Shelby County Assistive Technology Library

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Makes phone calls, turns household items on/off, sets reminders and alarms, reads recipes and more.


AngelSense GPS

Real-time GPS tracking, alerts & geofences, live safe ride transit tracking along with detailed timeline history.


Smart Sole GPS

GPS tracker hidden and sealed within a water-resistant shoe insert. Updates location and sends wandering alerts via email and text.


Cordless Weight Sensor

Use for fall prevention to be alerted when someone gets out of bed unattende. The monitor works up to 300 feet away.


Easy Read Stove Sensor

Recognize when a stove is in use and can be set to shut down the cook top or oven if it is not interacted with for a programmable amount of time.


Fingerprint Sensor Door Lock

Unlock, share access and see a log of who’s entered remotely. 6-in-1 keyless entry including bluetooth, fingerprint ID, keypad, deadbolt.


Fingerprint Lock

Simplifies access by requiring a touch, promoting independent management of belongings while ensuring safety and routine.


Induction Cooktop

Enhances safety through features like cool surfaces, precise controls, and automatic shut-off minimizing burn and fire risks.


Motion Sensor

Enhance safety, communication, and independence with features like fall detection and smart home automation.


Pill Dispenser

Provides routine, reminders, and safety promoting independence reducing caregiver stress and enabling remote monitoring of medication adherence.


Dose Flip

The Dose Flip is a portable smart pillbox that can be customized for all medication needs with a 3-4 day battery life. At each scheduled time an alarm will sound and a light flashes. To dispense, flip the pill box over into the provided cup. No WiFi is needed.


Remote Support Station

Empowers individuals through online support, assistive tech, and community engagement enhancing independence, social connection, and well-being.


Ring Doorbell

Provides real-time monitoring, communication aid, and safety while enhancing independence, security, and caregiver support.


Blink Camera

Caregivers can ensure a safe environment while enabling individuals’ independence through remote check-ins providing peach of mind.


Emfit Seizure Monitor

Detects seizures and can alert caregivers in real-time. The monitor collects data about sleep patterns and seizure activity over time.


Vayyar’s Fall Detection

Vayyar’s fall detection technology supports individuals with developmental disabilities by using non-intrusive sensors to monitor falls in real-time, notifying caregivers without compromising privacy. The system offers continuous protection, integrates with smart home devices, and provides customizable alerts, enhancing safety and promoting independence.


Motion Sensor Light

A motion sensor night light assists individuals with developmental disabilities by automatically providing gentle illumination in dark environments, enhancing safety and independence without manual operation. Its activation upon detecting movement helps users navigate safely at night and alleviates anxiety or fear of the dark, fostering comfort and reassurance


Electric Can Opener

Eliminates frustration associated with struggling to open cans. No risk of sharp edges from the can lid.


Easy Cut Knife

Simplifies the cutting process and reduces the strength and coordination needed making it easier to participate in mealtime activities independently.


Weighted Flatware

Offers deep touch pressure. Enhances body awareness, coordination, and motor skills enabling better independence during mealtime activities.


Adaptive Cutting Board

Non-slip surface can be customized with attachments like spikes or clamps to hold food securely in place offering stability & support.


Label Wand

Assists in various learning and communication activities. Auditory feedback enables users to hear information read aloud.


Large Button Switch

Rocker style makes turning lights on/off easier. Responds to voice commands, timers and can be controlled remotely.


Mobility & Dressing Tools

Promotes independence by giving ability to grab objects, get dressed, and bathe with less assistance.  Tools allow basic reach to be extended increasing mobility.


Easy Read Measuring Cups

Large, bold numbers and clear markings make it easier to read measurements. Ergonomic handles are easier to grip assisting in holding and pouring.


Easy Squeeze Bottle

The leak-proof refillable dispenser releases the right amount of product providing convenience and independence in daily routines.


Pocket Easy Wipe

Designed to assist those with limited mobility with personal cleansing after using the toilet. Works with flushable wipes or toilet tissue.


Zipper & Button Tool

One-handed button hook and zipper pull enables individuals to dress and undress independently and reduce frustration.


Magnetic Button Adapters

Reduce frustration of buttoning and unbuttoning. No sewing necessary, the magnetic buttons make dressing independently quick and easy.


Portable Seat Lift

Offers a gentle lift easing strain on knees and back when standing. May reduce the need for external help enhancing confidence.


SpillNot Cup Holder

Allows a drink or bowl to be carried without fear of spills. Makes it easier for those with motor impairments to carry items safely.


Slow Spill Drink Cups

Unbreakable, splash resistant when shaken, spills much slower than a regular cup. Doesn’t pose speech/dental issues as other training/spill proof cups may.


Adapted Bowl

Offers increased stability and can help reduce spills. The design allows individuals to feed themselves more easily.


Smart Toothbrush

A smart toothbrush provides visual and auditory instructions, pressure sensors, timer, progress tracking, and positive reinforcement for oral hygiene.


Smart Microwave

Hands-free operation integrated with Alexa. Preset menus for popular foods. Sound on/off button for sensory sensitivities.


Car Door Lift

Fits parallel to the car when inserted into the U-shaped striker or door latch assisting people to enter and exit the vehicle.


Floor Lamp

Supports classic button touch. Provides app and voice control allowing the changing of color, ability to adjust brightness, and selecting scenes for sensory needs all hands free.


Colorful Measuring Cups & Spoons

Associating colors with particular measurements simplifies the cooking process and promotes independence.


Accessible Door Handle

User friendly design allows wheelchair users to easily reach and open/close without assistance. Makes using heavy doors easier.


Liquid Level Sensor

Can promote independence by allowing individuals to pour their own drinks without the risk of overfilling or spilling.


Smart Plugs

Control devices through routines, voice control or remote access. Promotes independence, routine, and safety.


Big Keys Keyboard

Larger and more spaced-out keys makes it easier to target and press keys accurately. High visibility makes it easier to locate keys needed.


BunMo Weighted Silverware

Each piece weighing 7 ounces is designed with ergonomic, easy-to-grip handles, aids individuals with developmental disabilities by enhancing sensory input and hand control during meals. This promotes independence and confidence in self-feeding, ultimately improving the dining experience and quality of life for its users.


Vive Nosey Cup

With its unique nose cutout, the cup allows users with limited mobility or motor control to drink independently without tilting their heads back, minimizing the risk of choking and spillage. Designed with sturdy construction and easy-to-grip handles, it accommodates individuals with neck stiffness, swallowing difficulties, or limited hand dexterity, enhancing autonomy and reducing caregiver dependence.


Pull Down Shelf

A pull-down shelf in a cabinet enhances accessibility for individuals with developmental disabilities by making items easily reachable, eliminating the need for unsafe climbing, and promoting organization. This aids in fostering independence, allows for customization to specific needs, and facilitates the development of fine motor skills and coordination, ultimately improving daily living experiences and quality of life.


Robotic Vacuum

Robotic vacuums automate cleaning tasks for individuals with developmental disabilities, reducing physical strain and sensory overload through their quiet operation and smooth movement. These devices promote independence by maintaining a predictable cleaning routine and are equipped with safety features and user-friendly controls, making household chores more accessible and manageable for users with diverse abilities


Life-Like Pet

Provides comfort, companionship, and joy to soothe and uplift the mood offering a sense of calm, encouraging engagement.


Comfort Pillow w/Vibration

The calming pillow is designed to help sooth stress or anxiety, promote calm, and restore physical and emotional balance.


Weighted Blanket

Deep pressure stimulation can promote relaxation reducing anxiety, improving sleep, and enhancing overall well-being.


Watch Minder

Helps manage time, tasks, and routines with visual and vibrating reminders with sensory sensitivity considerations.


Sensory Alarm Clock

Adjustable alarms for varying levels of hearing abilities. Shaker component provides a tactile stimulus for deep sleepers or those with sensory needs.



Customizable libraries of interactive, multimedia guides that provide support during activities through processes and social interactions.


Recordable Buttons

Can be personalized with recorded messages, sounds, or prompts for an interactive way to enhance communication and learning.



Make routines and chore charts with pictures, video, audio, and timers. Visual schedules automate bed time and getting ready in the morning.


Care Coach

Tablet based health support through an Avatar that provides companionship, entertainment, periodic check-ins and more.



The GoTalk 4 is a compact, user-friendly communication device that enhances social interaction and language development for individuals with developmental disabilities through its visual and customizable interface. Its simplicity and portability support educational and therapeutic goals by empowering users to communicate effectively across various settings, thereby improving their quality of life and fostering independence.



These devices can suit a wide range of communication needs.  This model works for expressing four ideas with five second messages.  Choose a Talkable with fewer buttons to express simple messages or invest in the 12-level model for more complex communication.


Misa Robot

Misa robots are multifunctional companions for individuals with developmental disabilities, offering social interaction, assistance with daily routines, and skill development through interactive games and educational activities. These robots, which also assist with activities of daily living and emotional regulation, are customizable to individual needs, enhancing independence, autonomy, and overall quality of life.


Skylight Calendar

The Skylight Calendar is a touchscreen display that centralizes calendar events, chores, dinner plans, and tasks from multiple devices into one streamlined interface, providing clarity and simplifying scheduling with its auto-sync and merge functions. Enhanced with a free mobile app for on-the-go updates, custom lists, and a Chore Chart, it promotes organization and habit cultivation, making daily planning and coordination effortless

What Are the Benefits of Supportive Technology?

Supportive technology equipment and remote services improve the quality of life for individuals living with developmental disabilities in the following areas:




Therapeutic benefits


Social interaction

Independence and self-esteem

Improved health

How Much Does Supportive Technology Cost?

Assistive Technology and Remote support are Medicaid services (OAC 5123-9-12; OAC 5123-9-35). Contact your SSA to discuss all funding options.

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