Announcement for Shelby Hills Preschool

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March 13, 2020

Per Governor Dewine’s order, Ohio schools will be closed for an extended break due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Although preschools are not covered with this order, Shelby Hills Preschool will be observing this break in order to protect the health of the students and the community. This includes itinerant services.

Shelby Hills Preschool will be closed beginning Tuesday, March 17 through April 3. Our educators will be providing educational suggestions for your child to work on during this time. Please be sure to check your child’s bag on Monday.

Please note that Wilma Valentine Childcare will be open during this time. Our SCBDD offices will also be open so if you have questions about your child’s learning during this time, please call the office and speak with a teacher or our director.


Leigh Anne Wenning, Superintendent