February Provider of the Month

two women smiling outside

Congratulations to February’s Provider of the Month, Karla Ostendorf.  Karla has been an Independent Provider for three years.  She is very patient, understanding, thoughtful dedicated, and always willing to help people whenever she can.  Karla never says anything negative and sees the potential in everyone.  She enjoys helping people go grocery shopping and experience outings in their community.  Her greatest moment as a provider is when she helped someone achieve a long time goal.  In her free time, Karla loves creating pieces of art and enjoys the rewards of helping someone realize their own creative talents.  As an Army wife, she supports her husband in his career and has made lifelong friends at military stations around the U.S.  The Community & Support Services Department is very thankful to have providers like Karla who enhance the lives of others every day.  Learn more information on how to become a provider.