B.E.S.T. Apparel Fundraiser Now Open

BEST Tshirt Fundraiser

Welcome to the 2023 T-Shirt Sale to support Shelby Hills Preschool!

B.E.S.T. (Bringing Everyone at Shelby Hills Together) is a non-profit group of Shelby Hills Preschool parents and staff members. The group works to provide resources; promote strong relationships between parents, staff, and the community; and help create quality experiences for the children.

Each year B.E.S.T. raises money to purchase pumpkins for Fall Fun Day, provide supplies for classrooms, provide crafts for the Christmas Program, and much more. Thanks to B.E.S.T., Shelby Hills Preschool can offer the ‘best’ learning environment for your children.

Once again, B.E.S.T. collaborated with Ernst Apparel to create an annual fundraiser that shows school spirit: The T-Shirt Sale! This year, there is much more than just t-shirts. Ernst Apparel offers a variety of shirt styles with the Shelby Co Board – Shelby Hills logo for sale to the public.

These images show available styles and colors. If interested, use the button below to enter the webstore, shop, and order. Place all orders online by September 21st. Orders will be ready approximately 2 weeks after the webstore closes.

Thank you for supporting Shelby Hills Preschool, and the children!