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While Ohio’s government is easing some restrictions, the Stay-At-Home order is expected to be extended again beginning May 1st. Here’s what that means for us at the Shelby County Board of Developmental Disabilities (SCBDD):   

  • Our office remains closed to the public. Our leadership meets frequently to evaluate when we can safely open our doors. Our office hours remain the same (Monday thru Friday 8am-4pm) when contacting us by phone: 937-497-8155
  • Wilma Valentine Childcare (WVC) continues to operate as a temporary pandemic childcare center per the Governor’s order. Currently, WVC can serve six children in a group and are required limit the mixing of staff between groups.  Please contact Nancy Stiefel at 937-658-6763 if your child has been served at WVC and you are interested in having them return.  If you are new to WVC, Nancy is the contact to determine if WVC can accept any other children into their center under their temporary pandemic childcare license.  WVC will have openings once they are able to use their typical license. Applications can be found on-line at: www.wvchildcare.com
  • Shelby Hills Preschool is continuing with distance learning and virtual visits as needed. This time is extremely busy as Individual Education Plans are being written and some students will be transitioning to Kindergarten next year. 
  • The Early Intervention (EI) program is serving all families virtually.  Families can connect with EI staff and therapists on the same schedule as they did prior to the pandemic using virtual visits. We are also continuing to accept new referrals to our program and are completing evaluations virtually.  If you have a child under the age of 3 who you would like to be evaluated for this program, you can make a referral by calling 1-800-755-4769.
  • Service and Support Administrator’s (SSA’s) continue to check in frequently with the people they support and are helping people fulfill whatever needs that come up. All meetings are being held virtually using technology that is most familiar for the person.
  • Our great partners who provide adult day services and employment training for people with developmental disabilities are only allowed to provide very limited services. Governor DeWine has not given a timeline for these providers to return to business.
  • We continue working to attain Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure the protection of Direct Support Professionals and people receiving services in their home. We are following state and local protocols as to when to supply this PPE.  


If you’re a person we support or the family of a person we support and you have a need or a concern, contact your Service and Support Administrator or call 937-497-8155

If you’re interested in a new career helping people or just want to work part time as a Direct Support Professional during this crisis, contact Amy Berger: 937-638-6870  or aberger@shelbydd.org

If you have questions about using Wilma Valentine Childcare through this difficult time contact Nancy Stiefel: 937-658-8434 or nstiefel@shelbydd.org 

If you would like to donate homemade masks or other PPE, have concerns or are requesting general information from the SCBDD, contact Jeff Coaty: 937-869-1880 or jcoaty@shelbydd.org