From Old to New Ohio’s DD Waiver Waiting List and You

Ohio's Waiting List

Why is Ohio’s DD Waiver Waiting List Changing?

Over a 24-month period, organizations representing people with developmental disabilities, family members, guardians, county boards, private providers, and the State of Ohio worked together to come
up with a new way for Ohio to manage its waiting list as part of the “Fix The List” coalition.
The solution they created is outlined in this brochure. This new assessment process is designed to address many of the issues that had frustrated families over the years while also helping county
boards and the State of Ohio come up with a better plan to meet people’s needs when they request a DD waiver.  To learn more about the coalition, the new assessment process, and related topics, visit or contact the Shelby County Board of DD at 937-497-8155.

Four Friends Brochure