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From Old to New Ohio’s DD Waiver Waiting List and You

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Why is Ohio’s DD Waiver Waiting List Changing? Over a 24-month period, organizations representing people with developmental disabilities, family members, guardians, county boards, private providers, and the State of Ohio worked together to come up with a new way for Ohio to manage its waiting list as part of the “Fix The List” coalition. The solution they created is outlined in this brochure. This… Read more »

Ohio’s Waiting List for HCBS Waivers

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Changes to Ohio’s Waiting List for Home and Community-Based Services Waivers effective September 1, 2018, make it easier to identify a person’s needs and arrange needed services.  The changes to the Waiting List include a new statewide assessment tool, the Ohio Assessment for Immediate Need and Current Need, used to better understand a person’s need for… Read more »