July 2021 Provider of the Month

Riley Snyder

Congratulations to Riley Snyder! You are the Shelby County Board of DD’s provider of the month for July 2021!

Riley has worked in the DD field for about 6 years and as an independent provider for 2 years. He is compassionate and wants the best for the individuals he works with. Riley is very calm in his approach and does not get rattled during situations that can be challenging.  When asked what a good day looks like for him at work, his response was “A good day at work would be seeing my clients succeed at their goals. Whether that would be learning a new skill, strengthening a familiar one or just enjoying themselves, I love being a part of that experience for them. In this field, there are very few bad days for me.” He loves to serve others and help them to become confident with who they are.

Riley also loves to volunteer with The Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club (MMCC). They appear at different fundraisers, charity events and public activities to bring a little bit of Star Wars to everyone. When he is not busy with work or MMCC, he loves to spend time with his family, study scripture, do landscaping and record music.  Riley is a good asset to waiver services programs. Everyone is glad to have him as a provider.

All people with various levels of abilities, sometimes need help. Providers are the key to independent living for those with developmental disabilities. We are very fortunate at The Shelby County Board of DD to have Riley as a service provider for the people we serve.

You can be a provider, too!

If you want to learn more about a career like Riley’s, visit New Provider | WestCON (westconcog.org). You can also read more provider of the month experiences at Providers of the Month Archives | Shelby County Board of DD (shelbydd.org)