November 2022 Provider of the Month

Photo of Amber Sommer

Congratulations to Amber Sommer! You are the Shelby County Board of Developmental Disabilities provider of the month for November 2022!

Amber is an amazing advocate for the individuals she works with. She helps them achieve goals and do what they want in their lives. Amber goes above and beyond to assist in anyway she can. She is a very patient, understanding, thoughtful and dedicated person.

Amber worked at S&H Products for almost 5 years and has been an Independent Provider since 2019. She became the Program Manager at S&H in October of 2019.

Best Part of Being a Provider

When asked about her work day, Amber said “A good day of work is filled with time spent with the associates, whether accompanying them out of the building to do fun things or helping out in an area.  Being with them and seeing their full potential and abilities makes my heart full!”

She also shared, “A good day as an Independent Provider involves helping my clients live their best life and potentially helping them discover new things about themselves!” 

You Can Be a Provider, Too!

All people with various levels of abilities, sometimes need help. Providers are the key to independent living for those with developmental disabilities.

If you want to learn more about a career like Amber’s, visit New Provider | WestCON ( You can also call the Shelby Co Board of DD office with any questions you might have. Our phone number is 937-497-8155.

You can also read more provider of the month experiences at Providers of the Month Archives | Shelby County Board of DD (