Shelby Hills is back in session

School is back in session for us at Shelby Hills Preschool, one of the programs provided by the Shelby County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Our hallways are once again filled with bright young learners, as well as our dedicated teaching staff and therapists. As many readers know, Shelby Hills Preschool provides educational opportunities to children with and without special education needs. We operate a 50-50 peer model program, which means we also serve children without special education needs. Students on an Individualized Education Plan or IEP are provided education services at no cost to them, while students without special education needs pay a reasonable tuition.

Seven Shelby County school districts, including Fort Loramie, Houston, Botkins, Anna, Fairlawn, Russia and Jackson Center contract with Shelby Hills Preschool to provide the special education preschool services required by Ohio Department of Education. We are proud of our partnerships with our

local schools and operate satellite classrooms in Houston, Anna, Fort Loramie and Jackson Center, in addition to the three classrooms we operate at the main site on Children’s Home Road in Sidney. Our itinerant teachers also travel around the county to provide specialized education services for students in community settings.

No matter which classroom a student is in, they receive the services and education that they need to grow and be successful. We like to think that Shelby Hills Preschool is a wonderful foundation for a lifetime of success.

Readers may remember that we went through a year of unexpected change last school year. Although we are now operating a much smaller program than last year, we are off to a great start. Every day, our committed teachers, para-professionals and therapists engage with students through play and specialized activities. We are committed to providing a safe, innovative learning environment for students of all abilities.

At the end of the month, we will be having our

annual Family Fun Day on the hill with activities, food and a petting zoo. Historically, events like this is what makes Shelby Hills Preschool a great place to attend. No matter how many students Shelby Hills serves, we will continue to provide the same practices, philosophy and dedication that makes Shelby Hills a top-rated preschool.

For more information about the Shelby Hills Preschool, please call our office at 937-497-8155. And don’t forget to follow our Facebook page for regular updates on all of the Shelby County Board of DD’s activities and programs.

The writer is the superintendent of the Shelby County Board of Developmental Disabilities. (Printed by Sidney Daily News 9/27/19)