Agency Update



As of today, 4/7/20, Ohio’s “Stay-at-Home” has been extended through May 1st, 2020. Here’s a summary of where we are today with the Covid-19 crisis:

  • Our office is closed, but we’ve never been more available.
  • Wilma Valentine Childcare is operating as a temporary pandemic childcare center for families that have parents who are listed as essential staff.
  • Almost every Shelby County Board of DD (SCBDD) staff has been deemed essential, as are all Direct Support Professionals (DSP’s) who provide in-home care.
  • Early Intervention staff, Shelby Hills Preschool Teachers, Service and Support Administrators and all supporting SCBDD staff are continuing support virtually.
  • We continue working to attain Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and supplies for sanitizing in-home environments to distribute to DSP’s and SCBDD staff when it becomes necessary.
  • We are working with the Sidney-Shelby County Health Department on prioritizing when to give out PPE.


If you’re a person we support or the family of a person we support and you have a need or a concern, contact your Service and Support Administrator or call 937-497-8155

If you’re a DSP that can’t find coverage or needs other support, contact Amy Berger: 937-638-6870  or

If you’re interested in working with people we support during this crisis, contact Amy Berger: 937-638-6870  or

If you’re an agency manager and you need help planning for a staffing shortage, contact Jeff Coaty: 937-869-1880 or

If you have questions about using Wilma Valentine Childcare through this difficult time contact Nancy Stiefel: 937-658-8434 or 

If you have other concerns or are requesting general information from the CCBDD, contact Jeff Coaty: 937-869-1880 or