October is Disability Employment Awareness Month

This month we celebrate the contributions of workers with disabilities and work to educate everyone on the value of a workforce inclusive of all skills and talents. This year, the Department of Labor is celebrating more than 70 years of advocacy with disabilities.

The Shelby County Board of DD (SCBDD) employs staff who specialize in working with people with disabilities who are interested in joining the workforce. Our employees work directly with the individual, linking them with resources in the community and providing support and guidance in order to help them reach employment goals.

Here locally, the Shelby County Board of Developmental Disabilities currently supports 39 people with disabilities to work in the community for over 30 different employers. More than 25 percent of these individuals are working full-time. SCBDD employees work with partner agencies such as Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, Capabilities and S & H Products to ensure that employment is an option for people with disabilities in Shelby County.

The County Board continues to build positive relationships with employers in Shelby County in order to highlight the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities. Companies like Kroger, Fairhaven, Walmart, The Spot and Wilson Health have been true partners in helping us find employment for people with all abilities. SCBDD also partners with many other companies such as Sidney Body Carstar and Buckeye Ford that open their doors to students with disabilities in order to gain exposure to different career paths. These work experiences occur every year in the summer and are coordinated and funded by SCBDD. We would like to thank all of our employers in Shelby County for continuing to collaborate with us to provide employment options for those we support.

If you have any questions about employment, please call Jeff Coaty, Community Education and Outreach Director at 937-497-8155. As always, follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ shelbydd.org/ for regular updates